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E-Cal Mätinstrumentservice started on March 3, 2003. The founder and sole owner is myself, Anders Lundgren.

My co-worker engineer Börje Nyberg and myself have many years experience in the measurement instrument field. We were employed as service engineers in 1969 and 1991 respectively, by Televerket Instrument which in 1998 became Celsius Metech AB (Now Exova).

In December 2002 Celsius Metech AB closed its service unit in Sundsvall. Three months later E-Cal Mätinstrumentservice opened its service lab in Härnösand.

It is the only Lab of its kind North of Stockholm.

We have always been brand-independent, working with all types and models. From simple multimetres to spectrumanalysers and optical Pulseecometres. In addition to reparation and calibration we have also worked with development and type testing. .

E-Cal Mätinstrumentservice has a solid knowledge about measurement intstruments and technique. We also have a very good understanding of the market.