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AP32 Test Telephone

  1. ADSL/DSL line indicator and communication identifier
  2. Full-featured analogue test telephone with caller ID
  3. LB field phone function
  4. Improved over-voltage protection
  5. Now with SIA, Contact ID and pulse format monitoring
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XT25 Wire Tracer

  1. For quick tracing and identification of wire pairs
  2. For tracing and detecting cables among other cables
  3. Suitable for both used & unused pairs
  4. Enables interference-free listening and voltage level detection of pair
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KX15 Field Phone & Wire Tracer

  1. Especially handy for cable jointing work
  2. Fast and convenient capacitive and galvanic pair tracing
  3. Inductive cable route tracing
  4. Interference-free line monitoring and voltage indication
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CT45 Cable Tracing Equipment

  1. Efficient and versatile cable and wire tracer
  2. For locating telecoms cables & faults and mains house wiring
  3. Helps to distinguish certain cables and wires from others
  4. For tracing buried cables, conduit, sewer-pipes and blockages
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CTT45 Cable Tracer Transmitter

  1. Powerful transmitter for Vesala® wire & cable tracers
  2. Integrated 10kHz inductive feeding above ground
  3. Galvanic 1kHz and 10kHz output with external voltage display
  4. Extremely easy to use
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